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Monday, January 30, 2017

Donald Trump Jokes

Donald J. Trump became president and started combating environmental disasters, annihilating sexual assault and battery, and zapped abortion in America. Unfortunately in the morning the dream was over. 
Trump has been counting his protesters as supporters. No wonder why he thinks they're in the thousands. Donald Trump wants to build a great Wall between Mexico and the United States of America... and if he does then Canada will need one too. 
If Donald Trump had a sense of humor, he would die laughing after looking in the mirror. The only reason Donald Trump cares about the popular vote (and claims millions of illegals voted) is because it has the word popular in it.  Source : Joke4us

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Burger Jokes

1. Why were the burgers in the
refrigerator embarrassed?
They saw the salad dressing! 

2. Why was the burger thrown out of the
He couldn't pass mustard! (muster)

3.Why is President Carter important to
Hamburger Land in April?
One the opening day of the baseball season, he
throws out the first meatball!

4.Why do the hamburgers
beat the hot dogs at
every sport they play?
Because hot dogs are the wurst!

5.Why do hamburgers make poor pigeons?
won't talk no matter how you grill them! 
6.  Why can any hamburger run the mile in under
four minutes?
Because it's a FAST food! 
Not enough ?  Here see a video

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